We are glad to welcome you on our homepage to give you some informations about where we are and what we can do for you.

Our business is the development of advanced lead acid batteries and the related production technology for high quality and cost efficient production.

Our experience of more than 20 years in the premium OE business forced us to step frequently into new production technologies. The result of this investigations was the start of AGM battery manufacturing for a premium OE car manufacturer. The AGM batteries offer Start-Stop and mild hybrid applications being necessary to reduce the fuel consumption. Moreover the increase in electronic equipments gives the need for batteries with enhanced energy throughput. Besides the battery technology the production technology was and is the major bottleneck to produce lead acid batteries being able to fullfil the demands of the future as well as todays applications.

We work together with equipment manufacturers to improve the production technology and serve battery producers as consultants to implement AGM and GEL production technology. Together with the customers we develop solutions to step ahead in the battery business. 


Our newest development is a formation for AGM batteries, VacForm, within less than 6 hours for AGM batteries L1 - L6. To try out the new process  a test chamber in our Office allows customers to run the formation process on their own products. All relevant process parameters will be recorded. 

The standard production units with 9 rectifier circuits and 144 batteries are produced by our partner Muenstermann GmbH in Germany. Moreover production units according to customer requirements are available.