The requirements on lead acid batteries are still increasing due to the number and relevance of electrical components in our life. Especially operating in a lower state of charge and an increase in energy throughput will effect the battery technology for the time being and in the future. Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries (VRLA), like AGM batteries or GEL batteries, exhibit much better performances than traditional flooded as well as enhanced flooded lead acid batteries. VRLA batteries demand for advanced production technologies with a low variation in the process and product performances. Beside the increase in performance lower production cost and a lower weight of the lead acid batteries are demanded by the customers. Competition forces all of this requirements. 

Advanced production technologies:

  1. Continuous paste preparation or vacuum mixer to obtain homogenous paste with defined moisture and gravity. 
  2. Continuous grid casting on lead tin alloy base to increase the corrosion resistance and to avoid grid growth at higher temperatures. Additional weak grids do not show a tendency to punch glass mate or PE separators.
  3. Orifice paster to have a symmetric paste distribution and extreme low tolerance of the grid weight and extremely low tolerance in the plate thickness.
  4. ConCure to have a well defined in situ curing and drying condition. The result is a complete and fast fixing of the crystal structure and any shrinkage of the active material will be avoided.
  5. The current assembly technology is state of the art. Fast change over is necessary to gain a high productivity.
  6. Acid filing machine has to be improved to meet a accuracy of <1% variation in total.
  7. Additives to improve the performance of the plates as well as the recharge and formation capability will catch more attention than in the past.
  8. VACForm to do a fast formation within 6 h with less energy compared to traditional formation in water bathes. ConForm gives a better cooling inside the plates and a better gas exchange.

We have focused our field of attention on this points by developing TBLS+, ConCure and VACForm. New projects are on the run.