The two new technologies ConCure and VacForm enable battery manufacturers to produce AGM as well as EFB batteries within 12 hours. The two new processes make it real to have a continuous material flow. Curing and drying of negative as well as positive plates will be done in less than 4.5 hours including loading and unloading. VacForm needs at all less than 7 hours including loading and unloading. In the picture below a possible layout is depicted. No stocks are necessary from the pasting procedure till finishing and packaging of the batteries. Ahead of the pasting line a continuous grid production for Ca or Ca-free alloys is not shown. All current grid production technologies are well for ConCure and VacForm as well.

Plant layout with ConCure and VacForm technology to produce AGM and EFB batteries with continuous material flow in about 12 hours


The new processes ConCure and VacForm are well for (1) build to order manufacturing (next day delivery), (2) extreme low six sigma manufacturing, (3) high automatization, (4) environmental and labour safe, (5) low floor space and (6) no stocks.