Since years we investigated pure Pb grids for AGM, Gel as well as enhanced flooded lead acid batteries. It is well known that hardening alloys give several disadvantages with respect to corrosion, grid growth or water consumption. On the other hand the production technology of today demands a partial hardening to manufacture the plates and to keep the production speed on an acceptable level.

By ConRoll and Punching Technology soft pure lead becomes of interest for the first time. Additional ConCure gives remarkable strong paste to use existing enveloping as well as COS technology for the assembly of the batteries.

We did several tests on the grid and plate performance during testing of the batteries. For the time being only nice products are manufactured by use of pure Pb grids. But this nice products show the tremendous possibilities this technology offers with respect to the battery performance. 

We think the production technology is now ready to step into this new technology on a mass production scale. We will support battery manufacturers introducing this new technology together with our technology  partners (about us).