ConCure Technology has been developed to improve the performance of positive and negative plates of lead acid batteries especially for AGM, GEL and enhanced flooded batteries and to close the time gap between pasting and assembly of the plates with respect to process time.

Starting in 1997 the first continous curing and drying chamber has been designed and being build by our partner Münstermann GmbH for an OE battery manufacturer in Germany. This chamber was designed to be direct linked with the pasting and assembly line for producing OE SLI batteries. The overall process time for curing and drying was 4 hours.

In 2004 the first ConCure batch chambers has been developed and proven for a couple of years at several selected battery manufactures. These batch chambers offer more flexibility with respect to different plate dimensions and process changes than the first online ConCure system.




        Fig.1 Loading of palettes                        Fig. 2 ConCure chambers 2005                      Fig. 3 ConCure chambers 2007

The ConCure process offers in situ curing conditions for the plates beeing loaded to palettes  For loading of the cassettes an automatic loading system is offered and shown n Fig.1. The ConCure chambers are available with sliding doors for automatic loading and unloading or revolving doors. The first ConCure chambers had been with revolving doors as shown in Fig. 2 and 3. The technology has been approved and further developed. The current design has double throughput by keeping the same floor space. Moreover the chambers are completely computer controlled and offer different programs to cover different typ of plates and curing results as outlined in Curing Technologie 4-basic / 3-basic lead sulfate