For the time being Gel batteries are a niche product in certain applications. This typ pf battery often named after the inventor as Sonnenschein batteries did serve for more than 40 years as none spilling and long life batteries. The Gel batteries are well for cycling applications with a depth of discharge of up to 80%. The demands on the accuracy of the production technology is remarkable less. 

Moreover we did develop a technology to use PE separator for Gel batteries. With this new approach the assembly of Gel batteries is identical to normal flooded batteries. Battery manufacturers with equipment for charging the batteries at low gravity and replacing the acid need only very few new equipment to build Gel batteries. The advantage of the new production technology is a cold cranking capability comparable to flooded SLI batteries.  We developed a program to calculate all steps including formation and Gel conversion recipe.


The production of Gel batteries may be of interest for battery manufacturers with expanded metal equipment to step into the VRLA battery world.