The Engenieering Office Dr. Nitsche was founded in 2003 for developing new technologies for the lead acid battery industry. Based on the knowledge developed for the start up of the AGM battery manufacturing at Hoppecke for the German car manufacturers in 2000 the needs for further investigations had come up. Especially the plate production is on the focus of our own developments. Continuous grid manufacturing and curing and drying as well as formation of the AGM batteries is our major focus for now.

In 2018 the Engenieering Office Dr. Nitsche Ltd has it's laboratory test equipment located at the technology center at it's business partner Muenstermann GmbH in Westbevern, Germany. Muenstermann GmbH is manufacturing the ConCure curing and drying chambers and vacuum formation chambers, VACForm, being the most advanced production and cost efficient technology for producing lead acid batteries, especially for AGM and EFB batteries. We believe enhanced AGM batteries will play an important part in the next generations of vehicles.


1. Product and Process Development

Development of new products together with partners who will afterwards be responsible for marketing and sales.


  TBLS+:                              ConCure and VACForm:    


2. Consulting

Another part of our business is consulting battery manufactures by implementing AGM and Gel battery manufacturing technology in their manufacturing process. This includes battery design and companionship with respect to customer acceptance. In order to keep confidentiality we cooperate only with one company in specific areas.




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